Housing Estate Cleaning

When it comes to social housing, Knightsbridge Commercial Cleaning Services do more than most. We fully appreciate the importance of working in partnership with residents and landlords to deliver services efficiently and unobtrusively.

Yet invariably, there are strategic aims and long term goals, which is where our management team excels in offering visionary service solutions.

We look to improve tenant engagement through community initiatives and direct involvement in stimulating care and ownership of their environment.

We have developed a true integration policy not only of the tenants but through service models that embrace our capability of providing cleaning and grounds maintenance and go beyond to compliment asset management providing the low skilled tasks so often identified as critical to achieving quality standards.

In providing an integrated approach for our clients we look to eradicate duplication of task or site visits, reducing variation orders and void turnaround times through our dedicated management team being focused on activities that add value.

We look to contribute toward thriving and inclusive communities.

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